Lloydscompany & Soweto Skeleton Movers


In a combination of heartfelt performances, lively African dance styles, humor and impressive visuals, the Soweto Skeleton Movers from South Africa tell their personal life stories. Despite many setbacks and false temptations, these dancers are 'unbreakable'. You will be swept into a joyful and stunning mix of song, street scenes, compelling visuals and their 'skeleton pantsula', a mix of traditional South African street dance (pantsula) and 'bone breaking'. Welcome to Soweto! Unbreakable is a collaboration between Rotterdam choreographer Lloyd Marengo, London theater director Jonzi D, and the five explosively energetic dancers of Soweto Skeleton Movers.


  • Regular€15.00


  • Thursday the 26th of october 2023 from 20:30 to 21:30Tickets