Luuk Haaze, Mylène d’Anjou e.a.


After the book series and film hits, Mees Kees can finally be enjoyed live in the theater! In this family musical, Mees Kees goes on a camping trip with his class to the dunes. Because Mrs. Dreus wants it to be an educational task week, she gives Mees Kees a task plan. But Mees Kees wouldn't be Mees Kees if he didn’t already know how to make a great camp! So, pack your tent and bring your toothbrush because you can all come camping! One thing is certain: with Mees Kees, it will be one big adventure! 


  • Regularfrom €20.00 to €25.00


  • Sunday the 21st of april 2024 at 13:30Tickets
  • Sunday the 21st of april 2024 at 16:00Tickets