Loulou & Lou!


Loulou & Lou! Sinterklaas is back in the country! And what a festive visit it will be this year. Together we will dance, sing and roar with laughter along with the best Sinterklaas music. A musical performance for everyone from 3 years old and up, together with Loulou & Lou, their musical friends, and the one and only Sinterklaas band. An introduction to all styles of music, from jazz to classical, in a wonderfully festive December gift-wrapped package. The musicians of Loulou & Lou! make all kinds of children's music to conquer every child's heart.


  • Regular€18.50


  • Saturday the 2nd of december 2023 at 15:00Tickets
  • Sunday the 3rd of december 2023 at 11:00Tickets