Duda Paiva Company & Illusionary Rockaz Company


In an optimistic and powerful performance in which dance and puppetry merge, choreographer Shailesh Bahoran and master puppeteer Duda Paiva explore the field of tension between humans and gods. They look for answers in an interesting reflection between the artificial humanity of puppets and the mechanical movement created by the dance language popping. Together, we will  discover that new encounters can lead to something more than the sum of things: a clash between existing elements that generates enough force to breathe life into something that did not exist before.

  • Excludes beverage


  • Regular€15.00


  • Tuesday the 29th of november 2022 from 20:30 to 21:30Tickets


Parktheater Eindhoven
Elzentlaan 50
5615 CN Eindhoven
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