De Dansers


In Hush, The Dancers seek solace in dance and music. A hand on your shoulder; a second voice that travels with you wherever you go; a rhythm you can lean into, like in an embrace.

The band of dancers and musicians from the successful performance Shake Shake Shake (2019) have found each other again, this time in the threshold between dance performance and pop concert. Dancers become musicians; musicians become dancers. Delicate guitar structures drive the performers into each other's arms. Swaying bodies enforce the rhythm of the music. Hush is not told through individual performances, but through the meticulous attention and dedication that exists between the performers. The musicians and dancers are there for each other; they support each other. Because in order to carry the world, it helps not to be alone. 

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  • Wednesday the 20th of march 2024 from 20:30 to 21:25Tickets