Club Gewalt


Club Gewalt celebrates its ten year anniversary. Ten years full of love, art, rock ‘n’ roll and attending protests. Time to celebrate! A subdued birthday get-together morphs into a fiery arena where alternative forms of conflict are faced and fought out. A performance that acts as a killjoy by disturbing the peace - because peace is for political pussies and harmony is reserved for tone deaf fascists. Party of the decade: FOMO guaranteed.

How rock ‘n’ roll are you, really, when you identify and condemn the (political) dangers outside of yourself without taking a closer look at your own sins, both on an individual and collective level? Upon closer examination, the assumed polyphony appears to fall short. So, let’s get to work to redefine the consensus, tune into the individual voices within the larger choir and become better people.


  • Regular€15.00


  • Thursday the 2nd of november 2023 at 20:30Tickets