Carte Blanche


Someone lies on top of a large sheet of paper. What's going to happen? The contours are drawn, lying still for a moment is paramount, the boundaries are determined. Then, the work can begin: fantasize, play, move, paint, tell stories, sometimes amid struggle but also just as naturally as you breathe in and out. Participants from Lunet, who have never been on stage before, will become acquainted with movement, visual work and creating a story in this workshop. Ultimately, they will present that story on stage.

  • Collaboration between Carte Blanche, Lunet and the Parktheater
  • Directed by: Stefan Jung


  • Regular€15.00


  • Saturday the 23rd of march 2024 at 20:00Tickets
  • Sunday the 24th of march 2024 at 14:30Tickets