De man van La Mancha


De man van La Mancha, based on the world famous book by Miguel de Cervantes in 1605, tells the fetching story of the knight Don Quixote. The rhythm of flamenco determines the heartbeat of this new and contemporary staging of the beloved musical classic. In this performance, the medieval dungeon is more reminiscent of a flamenco concert, where people find each other by telling stories and creating music. With Huub van der Lubbe as Don Quixote. The performance on May 12 will also include an interpreter for the blind.


  • Regularfrom €44.50 to €54.50


  • Friday the 10th of may 2024 from 20:00 to 21:50Tickets
  • Saturday the 11th of may 2024 from 20:00 to 21:50Tickets
  • Sunday the 12th of may 2024 from 14:30 to 16:20Tickets