Margôt Ros


A tragicomic evening on the edge of real and absolutely made up. Margôt Ros leads the way: hilarious, poignant, sparkling and sometimes painful. Celebrate, but with a lump in your throat. She talks about family quarrels that get completely out of hand, losing virginity during carnival, comforting sausage rolls, and other Brabant crown jewels. In procession, she showcases memorable characters and lively anecdotes from her youth, and she gives 'our pa' the rightful leading role. In Brabantse nachten zijn lang (audience favorite of 2022), you’ll see how you can celebrate life until the very last moment and that dying well is an art. Co-production with Parktheater Eindhoven.


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  • Thursday the 14th of december 2023 at 20:30Tickets
  • Friday the 15th of december 2023 at 20:30Tickets
  • Saturday the 16th of december 2023 at 20:30Tickets
  • Sunday the 17th of december 2023 at 14:30Tickets