Percossa - Let me in - Let me out


The four musicians of Percossa are playing four brothers who are living in Hotel Cargo, an uninhabitable hotel. The hotel is about to be swallowed up by the advancing ocean. Cargo represents everything a person carries in life: all the joys, worries, dreams and happiness, in short, everything that marks a person’s life. The big question the four brothers ask themselves is: should they stay or should they go. At the beginning of the show, the floor is covered with instruments; at the end there is only one drum left. But you can also live with only just one drum.


  • €24.50


  • Friday the 4th of november 2022 from 20:15 to 21:50Tickets


Theatre De Hofnar
Theater De Hofnar
De Hofnar 10
5554 DA Valkenswaard
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