Co-production Wonka Podia - English Play 'The New Continent'

New Eindhoven play in theaters in Brabant by 20 expats: 'an important meeting place in an uncertain time'. 

The New Continent, the new play by the Eindhoven-based theater maker Geert Niland, will premiere in June 2022. He wrote the extraordinary play during the pandemic. "The work is very personal, I was inspired by how many people have felt in recent years. But above all, it has become an adventurous play with music and movement". The New Continent is played by twenty internationals in four theaters in collaboration with Tu/e and Wonka Podia. It almost never happens that a play of Brabant origin goes on tour.  

Participants of Project Greenland leave by ship for Greenland. They are looking for a new start in their lives, and leave unexpectedly fast because a new pandemic is near. The ship suffers damage and when the engine fails during a storm, the ship throws out its anchor. Where Gus threatens to polarize, Jane remains doubtful. Their love is put to the test. When they finally reach Greenland, Jane wonders, "Can I go on with the man I love so much? 

Not a small project  
Six venues in the Dutch province of South-East Brabant have joined forces to form Wonka Podia. They work together in the areas of education, internationalization and diversity. Project leader Monique van den Berg: "The various theaters of Wonka Podia are looking forward to welcoming cast and crew of ITCE, and thus showing the international talent of our region to anyone who wants to see it. ITCE is a fantastic cultural meeting place for internationals, and so the collaboration with Wonka Podia for this new play is a logical and very nice one."  The New Continent is Wonka Podia's first co-production. The tour will pass Hofnar Valkenswaard, De Schalm Veldhoven, Speelhuis Helmond and will end at the Parktheater in Eindhoven in June. Ticket sales for The New Continent go through the usual booking channels of the theaters. 

About the theater maker 
Geert Niland is a known name in theater in Eindhoven and the surrounding area. He studied at the Fontys Hogeschool voor Drama, specializing in directing and teaching drama. Immediately afterwards he worked as an assistant director for Hans Croiset, Theu Boermans, Joost Prinsen and Ger Tijs, among others. As a director he became especially known in Eindhoven through the great musicals Moulin Rouge and RENT. Niland wrote and directed more than 100 theater performances in the region. He is also artistic director of International Theatre Collective, the only English-language theater collective in North Brabant.  

For more information, please visit The New Continent is part of the lustrum program of the Tu/e. Ticket sales have started. Check all performance dates here!