Bram Invites


Bram de Vree (born and raised in Valkenswaard) presents a 4-part classical series. After taking his first steps in music in Valkenswaard, Bram studied at conservatories in Maastricht, Oslo, and Paris, among others. He has won numerous prizes at international competitions, both as a soloist and with his Mosa Trio. He is a professor at the Maastricht Conservatory and is giving concerts around the world. For this series, Bram de Vree is inviting ensembles that perform at the highest level. Creating appealing shows, even for people (both young and old) that haven’t been really introduced to classical music yet. His motto: Everybody loves classical music; they just don’t know about it yet! In this first show, he will be performing jointly with his Mosa Trio.


  • €15.00