Who are we?

Wonka Podia started in 2020 - Wonka Podia is an intensive cooperation between six venues from the Brainport region

Wonka Podia is a collaboration in which we share experiences and learn from each other in the field of technology, marketing and programming. Together we take steps to make our venues more accessible and to make everyone feel - even more - welcome. We find each other in themes such as inclusiveness, internationalization and education. By working together, we create more impact and can mean more for the Brainport region; our working area. 

Wonka is what we want to be

The name Wonka Podia was inspired by the director of the famous chocolate factory: Willy Wonka. A name that appeals to the imagination of many and evokes a certain feeling. The Wonka character brings wonder to the world and is a contrary pioneer for whom imagination is paramount. He makes the impossible possible with his innovative candy. 
And that is exactly how the venues want to structure their collaboration and what they have in mind. Together they want to open up the world of theater in an innovative, progressive way to everyone who wants to be part of it. 

Impact for the Brainport region 
Based on the idea 'everyone is welcome', they want to mean more for all the residents of 'their' Brainport region. This is a special, strong and sustainable economic region that is on the national and international map and has a lot of impact. 
They are the contrary thinkers, pioneering their new way through this Brainport landscape. They question, involve and seek a lasting relationship with residents and organizations. By using innovative technological tools, by sharing knowledge and learning from each other, by connecting, and by continuously gathering needs (what do residents want). 

Now that our theaters are open again, this is also the moment to further strengthen and shape our cooperation. We will meet each other more (live!), share more knowledge and experiences, and see together how we can learn even more. 

Financial co-creation with Brainport Development 
In the spring of 2020, Brainport Development recognized and appreciated the collaboration between the venues by labeling it as one of the 26 Region Deals. Wonka Podia is thus seen within the region and from The Hague as part of the social facilities pillars in their region. This also means that a financial co-creation model is in force. This feels like a gift that gives Wonka Podia extra strength to achieve its ambition and goals. 

Wonka’s values 

  1. To create a new theater world where there is room and attention for all residents of the Brainport region, regardless of culture, background, faith, personal vision or disability 

  1. To discover and be open to the new and unknown 

  1. To question and involve rather than to fill in and show 

  1. Using the power of collaboration, learning together and sharing experiences 

  1. Using technological innovations to lower theatrical barriers