Meneer Monster


Andy and Terry have been asked to make a play about their crazy treehouse. That's not so easy because where do you get flying cats, a lemonade fountain, a monkey invasion and a giant gorilla so fast? 

Fortunately, the boys have been rehearsing hard, and they are almost ready! But first, they must eat 100 marshmallows and tickle the parrot. 

De waanzinnige boomhut is one of the best-selling children's books in the Netherlands. Meneer Monster has transformed this bestseller into an equally crazy theater performance full of crazy humor and magical theater wizardry. They won the Zapp Theater Prize and a Zilveren Krekel in 2018 with De waanzinnige boomhut van 13 verdiepingen.

  • Excludes beverage
  • Children must also have a ticket.


  • Regular€19.50


  • Sunday the 19th of may 2024 at 14:00Tickets