The young, ambitious urban dance creator Jennifer Romen impresses with her company Oxygen through unique visual work. Her first solo performance, Delusion, was completely sold out last season and leaves the audience wanting more.

As an urban dance creator, Jennifer follows an unorthodox route to the theatre. She made her mark in dance competitions, television shows, the commercial circuit, and as a teacher. During her first full-length performance Delusion, she captivated both the stage and the audience, getting the crowd out of their seats. The overwhelmingly positive reactions made it clear that Delusion left the audience wanting more.

In Delusion 2.0, Oxygen takes you into a next-level interplay between dance and illusion; a breathtaking, innovative form of theatre. This stunning, moving, and meticulously executed coming-of-age performance will leave a lasting impression.


  • Regular€23.50


  • Saturday the 10th of may 2025 at 20:00Tickets