Filip Jordens


The Flemish musician Filip Jordens is touring the Netherlands with ‘Hommage à Brel,’ a show during which he sings the most beautiful chansons of Jacques Brel. Jordens, jointly with four fantastic musicians, is masterfully paying tribute to the Belgian expert in French songs.

Jordens truly embodies Brel; he moves, breathes, and is working up a sweat just like his hero did. He is like a musical tornado, wowing the ears, eyes, and hearts of the audience. It feels like Brel is back, if only for a brief moment. 

Writer-filmmaker Philippe Claudel: “Everything about Jordens’ performance brings le grande Jacques back to life; his talent, voice, and body, and his interaction with the musicians. This unequalled interpreter of Brel doesn’t only bring the house down with the same force, fury, irony, and tenderness as Brel himself, he also is showing us how great and relevant Brel still is.”


  • Regular€27.50


  • Sunday the 5th of january 2025 at 15:00Tickets