De Dansers


My arms are longer than yours, and so I can touch you from further away. You have tiny fingers to quickly undo my laces with. And what about our bodies on the inside? Is my hunger bigger than yours? Who needs to pee most urgently? And if happiness had a colour, would it be different for everyone?

In Een kleine anatomie, four performers embark on a joyful journey through the body with dance and live music. At first, it's still gentle, but soon the playful curiosity creeps in. After the performance, the young audience can continue wiggling and tickling on their own... Previously acclaimed as Critic's Choice by Theaterkrant.

  • Excl. consumption 
  • Children also have to be in the possession of a ticket.


  • Regular€13.50


  • Sunday the 29th of september 2024 from 14:30 to 15:20Tickets