Wonka Podia in partnership with Stichting Onbeperkt Genieten will structurally focus on low-incentive cultural offerings and facilities

Wonka Podia - a partnership of six venues in South-East Brabant - aims to lower theater barriers for residents in its (Brainport) region. Therefore the venues are very pleased with the new cooperation with Stichting Onbeperkt Genieten. This foundation assists venues with the realization of low-threshold cultural offerings and helps to create an inclusive experience for visitors of venues.

All six Wonka Podia will undergo an intensive training program with Unlimited Enjoyment this year. With the help of this training, they will map out how low stimulation their stage currently is, where improvements can be made and how these can be addressed. Each track is customized and specific to each stage. In addition, a low-incentive activity for visitors is organized in collaboration with the foundation. A great way to learn how stages can be more accessible to this group.

The Netherlands has approximately 7 million inhabitants who are sensitive to stimuli to a greater or lesser degree. Think of people with brain injury or autism, but also lung covid and burn-out related complaints. Research shows that the percentage of people with autism is particularly high in the Brainport region. An extra reason for Wonka Podia to investigate how a cultural visit can be made more pleasant and better for them. After all, the need for this is great.

In order to introduce employees of the Wonka Podia to Unlimited Enjoyment and also to give interested external parties information, a podcast was recently recorded with the foundation. In it, founder Iris van Heesch talks about what Onbeperkt Genieten does, how they work hard to help as many people as possible enjoy culture and how they support cultural institutions in the Netherlands. This podcast is the first in a (future) series of inclusivity podcasts and available for everyone to listen to for free on Spotify.