Wonka Podia brings youth theater to dozens of schoolyards in Eindhoven and region

Wonka Podia - an intensive partnership between six venues in Eindhoven and the region - is bringing theater to elementary school in Eindhoven, Helmond, Veldhoven, Valkenswaard and Bergeijk for nine weeks. During that period, Youth Theatre Wildpark will perform the play 'De monteur en het meisje' in dozens of schoolyards. And that no less than fifty-five times for about 330 classes (group 5 and 6) of about 100 elementary school. A gigantic educational theater project as a gift to the region.

Wonka on Tour
Getting as many children as possible in touch with theater and giving them a fantastic experience. With this in mind, the six collaborating venues (Parktheater, Schalm, Hofnar, Kattendans, Speelhuis and Cacaofabriek) put their proverbial heads together. Lowering theater thresholds so that more people can participate. That is their mission. Children have special attention. After all, they are the theatergoers of the future. Theater moves, relaxes, makes you think, confronts and teaches you to look at things differently. They grant this to every child. Because transportation is often a barrier, the idea of Wonka on Tour was born. Theater on location to schools and children.

De monteur en het meisje
For this first edition of Wonka on Tour, Jeugdtheater Wildpark is connected. In collaboration with Luka Kooijmans, this company created the imaginative outdoor performance De monteur en het meisje. A theatrical performance with live music inspired by the silver-barrelled book: The Happy Island by M. Törnqvist. About the quest of a brave girl, who is looking for the island of happiness.

Logistical puzzle
Over the past few months, the gigantic logistical puzzle of which group of children laid out where, when and with whom. The culture coaches of the five municipalities were of course involved in this. Among other things, they took care of invitations to and communication with the schools. The performance has now been performed 55 times on schoolyards in the five municipalities. In addition, all participating schools receive a teaching package to work with the (themes of the) performance in their groups.

Involving all children wherever possible. Also children and schools for whom going to a performance is more difficult because of a physical or mental disability or a higher sensitivity to stimuli. The venues are particularly pleased that the schools with special education responded enthusiastically and are participating. And that these children, just like more than six thousand other children from the region, receive a gift of a theater outing on their own - or someone else's - schoolyard.