Wonka for kids - Zinderella (age 10-12)

ZINDERELLA on Thursday 10 March 2022 at 16.15 in the Parktheater
Wonka price is € 9,- per child | Not bookable any more 

Experience an overwhelming, mega-fat theater afternoon in a (large) theater in your region with: 

*Bus transportation to and from Parktheater Eindhoven
*Festive reception and a blistering dance and music performance 
*Boarding points
*There will be Wonka pick-up points in the municipalities of Bergeijk, Veldhoven, Valkenswaard and Helmond. Children will be accompanied by theater staff and/or culture coaches in the bus to the Park Theater (and back). Depending on the location, there is a pick-up location and a corresponding departure and arrival time. 

Bergeijk: Basisschool De Regenboog - 15.15 hrs.
Veldhoven: Theater de Schalm - 15.30 hrs.
Valkenswaard: Swimming pool De Wedert - 15.30 hrs.
Helmond: The Cacaofabriek - 3:30 p.m.

Note: this action is only valid for children. Would you as a parent like to attend this show together with your child? You can do so the same evening or one day later when the regular shows take place. You can buy a ticket directly through the Park Theatre website. 

Why do we organize this afternoon?
Wonka Podia's mission is to make theater as accessible as possible for everyone. Children have special attention, because they are the visitors of the future. A fantastic theater experience brings a child much more than just a fun afternoon. Theater moves, relaxes, makes you think, confronts, and teaches you to look at things differently. We want to give this to every child and that is why Wonka Podia jointly organizes accessible Theatre Experiences for Kids. Complete theater afternoons with the lowest possible price. In their 'own' theater around the corner and/or in another Wonka theater. In collaboration with cultural coaches and other cultural contacts, this extracurricular offer is distributed via elementary school in and around the municipalities of Wonka Podia. More about Wonka Podia can be found on the website www.wonkapodia.nl and Instagram @wonkapodia. 

About the dance and theater performance Zinderella
You have a bad hair day, a pimple and your bottom is too flat. And meanwhile, all you see are shiny friends with a more than perfect jawline and extremely long legs. You think: I'm out of the game, let me sit ugly in a corner. Zinderella is about your body, and about all the demands you and the whole world make of it. Too small, too fat, too gray, it makes you desperate. And in the meantime you just have to be patient, until you find out who you really want to be.  

In a fairy-tale like physical show with fourteen young and not so young bodies we free ourselves from our grey kitchens. We open the ball wildly dancing, giving you a glimpse into our backstage space, where insecurity, pimples and fear of your naked body are no longer hidden under a pretty dress. 

But know this: happiness always comes, sometimes from an unexpected source and not always in the form of a prince or a trained body. 
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