Cooperating venues Brainport region becomes Wonka Podia

Since 2020 there has been a partnership between six venues in the Brainport region. They find each other in a number of overarching themes such as inclusiveness, internationalization and education. They share experiences and learn from each other in the areas of technology, marketing and programming. Together they are taking steps to make their venues more accessible and welcoming to everyone who wants them. By working together, they create more impact and can mean more for the Brainport region; their working area. 

Wonka is what they want to be 
As of the end of September 2021, the partnership has a new name: WONKA! This name is inspired by the director of the famous chocolate factory: Willy Wonka. A name, which for many appeals to the imagination and evokes a certain feeling. The Wonka character brings wonder to the world and is a contrary pioneer for whom imagination is paramount. He makes the impossible possible with his innovative candy. And that is exactly how the venues plan their collaboration and what they have in mind. Together, they want to open up the world of theater in an innovative, progressive way to everyone who wants it. 

Meaning more for the Brainport region Based on the idea that 'everyone is welcome', the pioneering venues want to mean more to all residents of 'their' Brainport region. A special, strong and sustainable economic region that is on the national and international map and has a lot of impact. 

The Wonkapodia are the contrary thinkers, pioneering their new way through this Brainport landscape. They question, involve and seek a lasting relationship with residents and organizations. They use innovative technological tools, by sharing knowledge and learning from each other, by connecting, and by continuously identifying needs (what do residents want). 

Wonka comprises six venues in the Brainport region: Parktheater Eindhoven, Cacaofabriek & Het Speelhuis Helmond, Theater de Schalm Veldhoven, Theater de Hofnar Valkenswaard and Theater de Kattendans Bergeijk. Partly thanks to their participation in Brainport Development's Regiodeal, they can work together on a sustainable relationship with each other and their audiences, and invest in the things needed for this.